14-year-old Indian-origin boy youngest to fly single-engine plane


An Indian-origin adolescent situated in Sharjah has turned out to be one of the most youthful pilots to fly a single-engine aircraft, a media report said.

Mansour Anis, a 14-year-old Grade 9 understudy at Delhi Private School in Sharjah, got a declaration for his initially solo flight from an aeronautics institute in Canada a week ago, Gulf News provided details regarding Wednesday.

“Give it a chance to be known all through the flying scene that Mansour Anis at 14 years old year’s effectively took off and arrived at Langley Regional Airport subsequently achieving his initially solo flight,” the performance flight declaration issued by AAA Aviation Flight Academy on August 30 expressed.

Back in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after his accomplishment, Anis asserted that he had additionally set a record of being the most youthful pilot to fly solo with a minimal number of preparing hours, the newspaper announced that.

“He broke the past record of a 15-year-old German pilot and a 14-year-old US pilot who took 34 hours of preparing. Mansour flew solo soon after 25 hours of preparing,” Anis’ dad Ali Asgar disclosed in News.

Anis, who flew a Cessna 152 airplane amid his performance flight, now has an understudy pilot allow. Aside from the flying test, he likewise finished a radio correspondence test and scored 96 for each penny in the PSTAR Test, a qualification test for Transport Canada.

His performance flight was around 10 minutes in length, amid which he maneuvered the flying machine from the stopping straight to the runway, took off for a flight of around five minutes and arrived back.