5 myths about crisis contraception you have to quit accepting


Being enlightened up on crisis contraception (EC) is an absolute necessity for anyone needing to appreciate effortless sex. Be that as it may, it can frequently be hard to isolate certain actualities from unhelpful fiction. Here, we bust some regular EC myths for good.

  1. There is just a single strategy for EC accessible

Off-base. There are really two types of crisis contraception that can be utilized to avert pregnancy after unprotected sex. These are the crisis IUD (AKA the crisis curl) and a next day contraceptive. Drug specialist Deborah Evans clarifies:

“You should address a medicinal services proficient about the different alternatives accessible and the distinctions in adequacy to guarantee you can settle on an educated choice in light of what is most reasonable for you. We are there to enable you at what to can be an extremely restless time.”

  1. EC must be utilize the morning after unprotected sex

The term ‘next day contraceptive’ is in reality extremely deluding, as you should utilize crisis contraception as quickly as time permits subsequent to having unprotected sex.

Be that as it may, the timescale varies relying upon what kind of EC you take. Levonorgestrel pills can be taken inside three days (72 hours) of unprotected sex, while ulipristal acetic acid derivation pills, (for example, ellaOne) can be utilized inside five days (120 hours). The crisis IUD can likewise be embedded up to five days after unprotected sex. Deborah says:

“The two pills work by forestalling or deferring ovulation and should in this manner be taken at the earliest opportunity as they are not powerful if ovulation has officially occurred, so the sooner the better. The crisis IUD… Isn’t generally the most viable [choice], as it must be fitted by a prepared social insurance proficient.”

  1. A next day contraceptive is hard to get

There are a wide range of channels through which you can get to crisis contraception, including direct from the drug store (without a remedy), a sexual wellbeing facility, your GP or a stroll in focus. It is additionally conceivable to arrange a next day contraceptive on the web, in spite of the fact that exploration recommends that exclusive 7% of ladies know about this. You should simply total a determination of wellbeing related inquiries on the drug store site to guarantee the prescription is fitting for you. Deborah remarks:

“the crisis prophylactic pill ahead of time enables you to have an arrangement to deliver your solution bureau. This implies you can take it at the earliest opportunity should you ever need to later on, in any case in the event that anything has changed in your general wellbeing or you are taking any new medications, at that point do request some counsel from your drug specialist before taking it.”

If you require crisis contraception after unprotected sex or prophylactic disappointment, remember that it is more viable the sooner it is taken. Hence it is critical that you pick an administration that will guarantee you can get crisis contraception as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

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