Babu’s Narmada Parikrama received the status of the Minister of the state of the eyes returned!


Bhopal: The ‘horoscope’ of Baba’s made ministers in Madhya Pradesh has now started to appear. Such a father who was made Minister of State is Swami Narmadanad, who is accused of traveling blindly on the concessional ticket of Railways. Baba has said that his eyesight was returned to Narmada Parikrma, now they do not take concessions.

Mr. Baba is also miraculous of Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Like Swami Narmadananda, Baba claims that Baba could not see properly before 2014, but he said that the light of the eyes came back from Narmada Parikrma. “I had trouble in my eyes since birth, by the grace of Bhagwati when Parikrama That is why I am very happy. How to thank the mother, she is a life-time person, I have a visionary. ”

The question on Baba’s superiors is because, in the name of blindness, he built a railway pass, traveled in concession, which he himself accepted. “In 89, the doctors did checkup in Navsari, where they were written by the railway, and when the time had to go out, the other people were made the ticket. We also had half the tickets.”

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Comments are also on the computer Baba too. It is being told that the hill of Indore which he has built on the ashram is government land. Shivraj is quite generous in making such a minister. There are 32 ministers, including Shivraj, elected MLAs. While three times that of ministerial status ie 93. 35 cabinet, 58 got status of minister of state.

The Congress has alleged that the government is distributing a chair to hide corruption. BJP says the opposition is upset with the game’s poorness. Congress Chief Spokesperson KK Mishra said, “Do this as per the Baba’s government, do not spread superstition for humanity. The BJP’s Dr Hital Bajpai said, “The Congress has got a game plan, here they do not have ethical power, there is no political power. They do the same thing in such a manner, therefore they have to rest, no agency to investigate, we do not object. ”

However, a petition has been filed in the High Court of Indore Bench against granting the status of Minister of State to these babas, which may be heard on Monday.