Born Blind & Rejected By IIT, Unbelievable This Man Is Now The CEO Of A Rs 50 Crore Company


Indeed, even with all the advance and improvement, we live in a general public that is as still not impair neighborly. The news of a youngster born with some incapacity is still met with a considerable measure of disillusionment. Srikanth Bolla had a comparative ordeal.

Born in a remote town on the east shore of Andhra Pradesh, 24 years back, the neighbors in the town recommended that his folks “get rid of him” since he was born without locate.

Twenty-three-year old Shrikanth Bolla has just accomplished what a great many people of his age will take at least years to accomplish. That as well, regardless of being visually blind.

He confronted segregation because of his incapacity right off the bat in life. After he was conceived dazzle, his folks were exhorted by the villagers in Sitaramapuram in Andhra Pradesh to give him a chance to pass on.

Srikanth Bolla (presented underneath) is standing tall living by his conviction that if the “world takes a gander at me and says, ‘Srikanth, you can do nothing,’ I glance back at the world and say ‘I can do anything’.”

When he was conceived, neighbors in the town recommended that his folks cover him.

It was superior to anything the agony they would need to experience their lifetime, some said.

He is a “pointless” infant without eyes… being born dazzle is a transgression, others included.

Twenty after three years, Srikanth Bolla is standing tall living by his conviction that if the “world takes a gander at me and says, ‘Srikanth, you can do nothing,’ I glance back at the world and say ‘I can do anything’.”

Srikanth is the CEO of Hyderabad-based Bollant Industries, an association that uses uneducated impaired representatives to make eco-accommodating, expendable customer bundling arrangements, which is worth Rs 50 crores.

He sees himself as the most fortunate man alive, not on the grounds that he is currently a mogul, but rather in light of the fact that his uneducated guardians, who earned Rs 20,000 a year, did not regard any of the ‘exhortation’ they got and raised him with adoration and fondness.

“They are the wealthiest individuals I know,” says Srikanth.

Underdog success story

How is it about stories Srikanth’s that so rouse and fill one with trust?

Could it be able to be the numerous zeroes after a dollar sign or the conviction that you and I can make comparative progress in the event that we set our brains and hearts to it?

Underdog examples of overcoming adversity touch a crude nerve. All things considered, everybody confronts affliction, they dream, and they buckle down.

It is another issue that exclusive a couple of cross the edge of breaking points set by society.

For Srikanth’s situation, it is his sheer diligence that radiates through the dull billows of his disaster.

Being born blind was only one a player in the story. He was also born poor. What’s more, you realize what that implies in a general public like our own.

In school, he was pushed to the back seat and not permitted to play.

The little town school had no chance to get of realizing what consideration implied.

When he needed to take up science after his class X, he was precluded the alternative on the grounds that from claiming his handicap.

All of 18, Srikanth battled the framework as well as went ahead to end up plainly the principal worldwide visually impaired understudy to be admitted to the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US.

As creator Paulo Coelho says, “We warriors of light should be set up to have tolerance in troublesome circumstances and to know the Universe is plotting to support us, despite the fact that we may not see how.”

Today, Srikanth has four Production plants of Company, one each in Hubli (Karnataka) and Nizamabad (Telangana), and two in Hyderabad (Telangana). Another plant, which will be 100% sun powered worked, is coming up in Sri City, a coordinated business city in Andhra Pradesh, 55 km from Chennai.

Blessed messenger financial specialist Ravi Mantha, who met Srikanth around two years back, was so awed with his business keenness and vision for his organization that he chose to coach him as well as put resources into Srikanth’s organization.

“It was a little, tin-rooftop shack in a mechanical range close Hyderabad. There were eight representatives and three machines under the shed. I anticipated that, he would discuss how he needed to have a social effect, however, was shocked by the business clearness and specialized ability in somebody so youthful,” Ravi says.

They are raising $2-million (around Rs 13 crores) in financing and have officially raised Rs 9 crores.

As indicated by Ravi, his own will likely “take the organization to IPO.”

A dream to fabricate a manageable organization with a workforce involving 70 percent individuals with inability is no mean assignment.

“Srikanth’s vision is inbuilt in the organization. It is not only a lip administration to CSR,” includes Ravi.

Confinement a major revile

“The confinement of in an unexpected way abled people begins during childbirth,” Srikanth said in his first open discourse on the INKTalks arrange in Mumbai a month ago. As indicated by him, “Empathy is a method for demonstrating somebody to live; to give somebody a chance to flourish and make them rich. Abundance does not originate from cash, it originates from satisfaction.”

At the point when Srikanth was growing up, his dad, a rancher, would take him to the fields yet the young man couldn’t be of any assistance.

His dad at that point concluded that he should examine.

“In my parent’s business enterprise show, I was a disappointment. In enterprise, we have a lean plan of action where we assess an endeavor and say how rapidly it falls flat.”

Since the closest school in his town was five kilometers away, he needed to advance there for the most part by walking. He did this for a long time.

“Nobody recognized my essence. I was placed in the last seat. I couldn’t take an interest in the PT class.

That was the time in my life I thought I was the poorest youngster on the planet. It was not a result of absence of cash but rather on account of forlornness.”

At the point when his dad understood that the tyke was not getting the hang of anything, he conceded Srikanth to an uncommon needs school in Hyderabad.

The kid flourished in the sympathy heappeared there. He learned to play chess and cricket as well as exceeded expectations in them. He beat his class, notwithstanding grasping a chance to work with late President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in the Lead India venture.

In any case, none of this made a difference much in light of the fact that Srikanth was denied admission to the science stream in class XI.

He cleared the Andhra Pradesh class X state board exams with more than 90 percent marks, yet the board said he could just take Arts subjects after that.

“Is it true that it was on account of I was conceived dazzle? No. I was made visually impaired by the impression of the general population.”

Having been denied the open door, Srikanth chose to battle for it.

“I sued the legislature and battled for a half year. At last, I got an administration arrange that said I could take the science subjects however at my ‘own particular hazard’. ”

Subsequently not ‘gambling’ anything to risk, Srikanth did whatever he could to demonstrate them off-base.

He got every one of the reading material changed over to book recordings, worked day and night to finish the course and figured out how to secure 98 percent in the XII board exams.

Fortune supports the overcome

At times, life imitates a steeplechase. Particularly with regards to those it has enormous plans for.

It didn’t give Srikanth enough time to relax in his triumph when it tossed another spanner in progress. He connected for IIT, BITSPilani, and other best designing schools, however, did not get a lobby ticket.

Rather, “I got a letter saying ‘you are visually impaired, henceforth you are not permitted to apply for aggressive exams.’ If IIT did not need me, I didn’t need IIT either. To what extent would you be able to battle?”

He picked his fights painstakingly and got his work done looking through the Internet to locate the best designing system for somebody like himself. He connected to schools in the US and got into the main four – MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon.

He went to MIT (with a grant) as the main worldwide visually impaired understudy in the school’s history.

It was difficult changing in accordance with life there, yet eventually, he began to do well.

Towards the finish of his single man’s course when the ‘what next’ question came up, it took him back to where he had begun.

“Many inquiries troubled me. Why should an impaired tyke be pushed to the back line in the class? Why should the 10 percent of the crippled populace of India be let well enough alone for the Indian economy?

Why wouldn’t they be able to bring home the bacon like every other person with pride?”

He chose to surrender the ‘brilliant’ open door in corporate America and returned to India looking for answers to his inquiries. He set up a help benefit stage to restore, support and coordinate in an unexpected way abled individuals in the public arena.

“We helped around 3000 students in gaining an instruction and professional recovery. Yet, at that point I contemplated their business? So I constructed this organization and now utilize 150 in an unexpected way abled individual.”

Good always rebounds

Business person brave hearts like the warriors of Paulo Coelho dependably discover one resolute help, a grapple to keep them above water. For Srikanth’s situation, it is his prime supporter Swarnalatha.

“She was his special needs educator in school. She has been his tutor and guides through every one of these years. She prepares every one of the representatives with inabilities at Bollant subsequently making a solid group where they feel esteemed,” says Ravi, including, “Srikanth is a genuine wellspring of my motivation. He is my young companion and protégé as well as my guide who shows me every day that the sky is the limit on the off chance that you set your brain to it.”

The kid who was born dazzle is today indicating numerous the way to genuine bliss.

He says his three most vital life lessons are: “Show sympathy and make individuals rich. Incorporate individuals throughout your life and evacuate forlornness, and in conclusion, accomplish something great; it will return to you.”

Bravo this Blind man..All the best for future!