Happy Mahashivratri.. What you can do Special on this Day? Date -13th February,2018


Ruler Shiva, one of the divinities of the Hindu Trinity, is additionally likewise known by different names like Kalyankari, Baba BholenaathShiv Shankar, Shiv ji, Neel Kanth,Rudra and so on .Out of all the Hindu gods, Lord Shiv Shankar is the most prominent. Not exclusively is he the lord of all Gods, even the evil spirit rulers loved him—the most widely recognized illustration is of Ravana-the considerable Demon lord of Lanka. Indeed, even today, all through the World, the devotees of Hinduism revere Lord Shiva. His notoriety among His aficionados is a result of His straightforwardness thus He is regularly called Bhole Baba.The technique for loving Lord Shiva is viewed as extremely basic. It is trusted that in the event that one venerates Lord Shiva with genuineness, He gets satisfied soon. While adoring Him, one need not go into many-sided points of interest. The basic procedure of venerating Him incorporates, pouring water on the ‘Ling’, setting ‘Bel’ leaves on it and remaining alert the entire night singing bhajans in His name. He is content with simply this.


Master Shiva is loved on Mondays consistently. Shivratri, the night that is viewed as promising for appealing to Him, falls each month on its thirteenth night/fourteenth day, however the most imperative Shivratri falls twice in a year—one in the long stretch of Phalgun and the other amid the period of Shravan.

The Shivratri that falls in the long stretch of Phalgun is called Maha Shivratri .This is praised on the fourth day of the Krishna Paksh.It is trusted that this day denotes the big day of Lord Shiva and Parvati .Some likewise trust that Shiva had played out his acclaimed move of the primal creation ,conservation and decimation the ‘Tandav Nritya’on this day. Another hypothesis is that Shiva had showed as a ‘Ling” on this day. On the event of Maha Shivratri, aficionados from all finished, go to a wellspring of the Holy waterway Ganges (ideally Haridwar) and gather the Holy water from that point and stroll back shoeless to their town. The water is utilized to bathe the Shiv Ling is in their town on the promising day of Maha Shivratri.

Shivratri is thought to be particularly promising for ladies. Unmarried ladies petition God for a spouse as perfect as Lord Shiva, while wedded ladies appeal to God for the prosperity of their husbands.

Enjoy the Bhang ka Pyala and Happy Mahashivratri Friends!