Japan claimed to find 15 new planets and named three of them as “Super Earth”


Scientists engaged in searching for life in remote space have taken great success. Japan‘s scientists have claimed the discovery of 15 new planets in their research. These three are being called Super Earth. In one of these, scientists have seen huge potential for water availability. Even before this, the scientists have expressed the possibility of having water on some planets present in remote space. There is also a search for water on Mars and there is also a study going on for human habitation.

Scientists take the support of several telescopes

This research has been done by the scientists of Japan’s Tokyo Institute of Technology. For this, he was supported by some of the best telescopes in the world. They took help from NASA’s K2, the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii, and the Nordic Optical Telescope in Spain, and collected all the data.

All these planets rotate around the red dwarf stars

According to Japanese scientists, all the 15 discovered planets are located outside their solar system, i.e. all are exoplanets. All these planets are rotating around the red dwarf stars. Red stars are usually smaller and cooler in size. According to scientists, studies of red stars can be found in the future with interesting explanations related to an exoplanet. The study of these planets in the universe can be gathered from their study.

There can be the possibility of water on one of these planets

Three of the 15 planets discovered in this latest research is being called Super Earth. These planets are circling a star named K2-155, located 200 light years away from the planet. All the three planets are bigger than the Earth in size. Scientists say that there can be water on the outer planet K2-155D. Scientists are now planning to study more on these planets. Thereby, in future, possibilities of life in remote space can be found.

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