let’s know everything about “Kisaan Aandolan” in Maharastra


40 thousand farmers of Maharashtra have arrived in Mumbai to cover the Legislative Assembly. In the movement that started from Nashik, only 12 to 15 thousand farmers were involved in the movement, but the number of them reached Mumbai more than 40 thousand. This is the biggest question arising from the movement that why are the farmers doing this agitation? So let’s know the real reason behind it…
It is not that the agitation of the farmers was suddenly raised up. The spark of this movement is the result of the populist political promises and government schemes which leaders had done to get the farmers vote bank a year ago.

Actually, if you look at the financial survey of Maharashtra 2017-18, you will see that the economy of the biggest industrial state of the country is deteriorating. The first reason behind this is a decrease in the development of the agricultural sector. On the other hand, the other reason is that additional loan was taken by the Devendra Fadnavis government in June last year to fulfil the promise of debt waiver of farmers.

Now even though the government has made all claims of debt forgiveness, the truth is that the debt was waived under unfriendly schemes. Due to which farmers could not get the benefit of this. Not only this, the debt waiver in the political popularity of the country has created an agrarian crisis. Due to which the economy has worsened.

Which political parties are involved …

This movement of farmers has been taken out of the Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Sabha, CPI (M) farmer organization. The movement has been supported by the Congress including Shiv Sena, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Nationalist Congress (NCP).

What is the demand of the farmers …

– Without any condition, the debt of all the farmers should be waived.

– The government promises to give one and a half times the price of the agricultural product.

– Swaminathan Commission’s recommendations and violation laws should be implemented.

– Provided water to irrigation water to farmers of Maharashtra.

– The farmers affected by hailstorm have received Rs. 40 thousand per acre. Should be compensated

– The electricity bill for farmers should be waived.

What is the whole issue …

If the experts of the agricultural sector believe that the government has presented the data regarding the debt waiver of the farmers, they have been told to increase it. Apart from this, the farmers who are looking for loans from the district level banks are in a bad condition. So far, ten percent of the loan to farmers has not yet been done.

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