Are You Trapped in the Blue Whale Challenge? Call This 24×7 Helpline for Some Help


After a numerous youthful casualties fell into the trap of the Blue Whale challenge in India, Fortis Healthcare propelled a 24×7 anxiety helpline on Thursday to give mental help to them.

The helpline number – 8376804102 – can be dialed by anybody experiencing stress or tension by being a member in the test.

Dr Samir Parikh, therapist and executive of the National Mental Health Program at Fortis Healthcare, posted a picture reporting the anxiety helpline on Twitter on Wednesday.

According to his announcement, the helpline will offer help to people and families in adapting to the circumstance. They have just started accepting calls from adolescents and concerned guardians.

Around six cases so far in India have been connected to the Blue Whale challenge.

The primary case was accounted for in Mumbai, where a 14-year-old kid jumped from the seventh floor of a building and surrendered to his wounds.

From that point forward, measures are being taken up to obstruct the online connections of this amusement and to urge guardians to screen the online movement of their children.

The Karnataka Government as of late issued a mandate to educators and school administrations to pay special mind to any peculiar wounds or signs on the arms or face of students, and quickly alarm the organization of the same.

The survivors of the amusement have said how, through an altered connection via web-based networking media stages, they could enter the diversion, and how it turned out to be progressively difficult to separate them from it as their own points of interest were imparted to the amusement executive.

Through its difficulties spread over a 50-day time span, the diversion makes mental injury the members, which at last lead them to their demise.