Virender Sehwag, Kartik’s maiden did everything, surprised in two balls


Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders were face-to-face in the third edition of the IPL this season played in the IPL 2018. Kolkata’s command was in the hands of Dinesh Karthik for the first time, while Bangalore once again came to the ground under the leadership of his star captain Virat Kohli. The match was taking place in Kolkata but still, seeing the legends of Bangalore’s team, most fans were being dominated by Bangalore but it did not happen. Virat’s team was defeated by 4 wickets, some Kolkata players who took a few minutes to change the match. On one hand, where Sunil Narine in the batting batted with a fifties at 17 balls and surprised everyone. There was also a player who was stunned by everyone. The pressure was going on. The Bangalore team had gone to bat first. Two of his top batsmen, AB de Villiers and Virat Kohli, were present on the pitch and both were looking at the rhythm. AB de Villiers, who had hit 44 off just 22 balls, hit five fours and a boundary, while Kohli was playing 31 runs off 32 balls. For the third wicket, the half-century partnership between the two batsmen was done and the score was progressing fast. Now everyone had a look at Kolkata’s new captain Dinesh Karthik, how they restrain these two greats. Captain Kartik’s spineless innings, in the second over in the second over, Dinesh Karthik gave a ball to 24-year-old player Nitish Rana in the 15th over. Those who have just scored one over in their three-year IPL career, they also play for Mumbai in 2016. He is known as a brilliant batsman, but Karthik probably saw him bowing in domestic cricket sometimes, so he made a bold decision to experiment. Courageous because the front batsmen and batsmen like Abby were firing in the air. Then came 2 balls … When Nitish Rana came to bowl, everyone had thought for a moment that Virat and AB would make these part-time bowlers furiously and the commentators were also saying something like that. AB de Villiers made a wonderful six over the first ball of this 15th over. The pressure was increased .. But on the second ball, Nitish hit AB and he was caught by Johnston on Long On in the long run. There was a big blow to Bangalore but still Virat was present on the pitch. Nitish again turned on the third ball and all were stunned. He froze Virat on a flat ball in a block hole and bold. Kohli was shocked, the whole Eden Gardens was up in arms, some time the Virat stood up and watched and then returned to the pavilion while admiring his bat. Nitish could not get the hat-trick but through these two balls, he put a speedbreaker on the score of Bangalore that the score was 200 crossed, he got stuck at 176 runs and later Kolkata easily won. It was also surprising that Karthik made only one over from Nitish, in which he hit 2 wickets with 11 runs, as if the captain knew that Nitish would turn the match over in the same over. When it came to chase the target, Nitish showed the ball with the bat and scored 34 off 25 balls with the help of two fours and two sixes. Obviously, in the coming time, he can also try to become an all-rounder like Sunil Narine. At the auction, he was born in Gajib, in 2016 and 2017, Nitish Rana was part of the Mumbai Indians team and during that time his bat needs something like this. It was found that its impact was seen in the huge auction of 2018. Mumbai did not comment on him but he was desperate to get Nitish back. His base price was 20 lakh rupees, but Kolkata had earlier fought with Rajasthan Royals and then after surrendering Rajasthan, till then he fought with Mumbai till he did not include Nitish in his team. Kolkata has included Nitish in his team for Rs 3 crore 40 lakhs.